Jacob Thurian

Tall, hairy, and gruff. Stone faced, looks menacing. A gold, glittering band on his ring finger.


A long coat with the sleeves rolled up a bit, tall boots to keep water from getting in them, a loose, thin, and open undershirt, and baggy pants jammed into his boots. He keeps his tones dark and earthen, lacking much splendor, aside from his wedding band. His arms, chest, and legs are all thick with hair, with a rough beard, thick browns, and long, wavy dark hair. Jacob looks as a commoner: he’s homely and lacks many social graces.

He’s definitely got an ugly personality. Jacob looks out for his own and doesn’t care too much for other people’s struggles, unless you’ve gotten to know him, and even then… Emily, his wife, often acts as his moral compass. He glows up, and is much more likable in her presence, being much more tender and thoughtful towards her. He seems very defensive of her.

Jacob carries an ax, he is a carpenter and lumberer. However, in combat, he cracks his knuckles and takes to bludgeoning his opponents with his massive hands, lumbering stature, and thick body: headbutting, kicking, choking, squeezing, and pulverizing, with little remorse.


Jacob hails from the Shudderwoods, a land plagued by Werewolves and Were-things, Undead, and horrors of all sorts. He comes from a small nameless hamlet, ravaged by the denizens of the Shudderwoods, Emily and Jacob fled their village in pursuit of safer pastures. On his way though, he gained the ire of a band of the Shudderwoods denizens, a group he often keeps his eyes open for, causing him a constant sense of paranoia and distrust. He comes to Dexter, as he believes that admist the dangers of the wastes and war, he can help make a bastion of safety, enough to ward away his pursuers and lead a life he considers better than fleeing on the run with his wife, perhaps enough to start a family.

Jacob Thurian

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