Dagri Stonebrow

A grim looking dwarf with fire in his eyes and grudges to settle.


While slightly shorter than average, Dagri is nearly as wide as he is tall. He wears an expertly made breastplate and an equally fine chain shirt beneath. Two maulaxes hang from his belt. His beady brown eyes look out from beneath heavy brows that turn his expression sinister. His dark brown beard is braided into several braids and golden clasps and beads decorate the rest.


Hailing from the Stonebrow Clan Holds in the Mindspin Mountains, Dagri was raised steeped in the culture of the dwarves. He fought in the many campaigns against the hated orcs since he was barely a man. His nearly unparalleled savagery in the face of orcs, giants, and other enemies of his people earned him recognition amongst the other nearby clans. During his brother Torgri’s coming of age the clan hold was attacked by orcs led by the warchief Torzmor Bloodfist. Dagri lost three brothers and an uncle that night and he vowed to kill Torzmor and crush the whole warband if he could.

Dagri Stonebrow

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